About Roses

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About 777 Flowers Roses

Through the years 777 Flowers has become one of the best designer of roses in our united states.  When you want beautiful roses you know where to go.  777 Flowers.  The Roses are top of the line.  Guaranteed to melt the heart of your recipients.

 The Different Types of Roses?

It is a long established there are so many different types of roses it would be hard to list them here.  We can list some of our favcorites Names of Roses and the different types of roses.  

Red Roses

1.   Black Magic Roses

2.  Imperial Roses

3.  Adrenalin Roses

4.  Ruby Gem Roses

5.  Rubicon Roses

6.  Gamet Gem Roses

7.  Flamenco Roses

8.  Grand Jubilee Roses

9.  Zen Roses


 The Meaning of Rose Colors?

Red Roses - The most Romantic Rose Color of all.  Red Roses stands for Love and Romance.  Perfect for an Anniversary or a love interest.   Let her know your flame burns for her.  

Yellow Roses - Yellow stands for friendship, joy and heartfelt feelings that are not romantic.  

White Roses - White stands for Purity and Innocence & Heavenly.  Often put in funeral flowers arrangements.

Orange Roses - Passion, desire, excitement and enthusiasm.

Purple or Lavender Roses - 

Multi Color Roses - 

Pink Roses - Love, Appreciation, Often sent when saying thank you.

Peach Roses - 

Pink Roses - Happiness, Love, Sweetness, gentlness and admiration.

Cream Colored Roses - Thoughtfulness, charma and appreication

Salmon Roses (Or is it samon roses?)

RED AND WHITE TOGETHER - Romance and Innocence of heartfelt love and togetherness.  To have hopes of long lasting love that lasts the test of time.  A happy love filled with passion, romance and with no end in sight.  

Yellow Roses with Red Tips - Symbolises Friendhip that turn into romance  

A dozen roses with one white rose in the middle - This one white roses stands for heaven and remembrance of someone special.  Often times people will send flowers to someone that has lost a loved one on an anniversary, holiday, or just to let them know they touched their lives and they still have them in their heart.

Red Roses and Pink Roses = The flame is still alive and you appreciate her more and more through the years.  




 Where do the roses grow and why does it make a difference?

There are shippments in Miami from Cuba

Equidor Roses - There are shipments into California from Equidor.  It has been our experience these are the best flowers to use for our customers.  

There are shipments direct from Mexico - Some of the top competitors use flowers from mexico because they get the flowers cheaper.  

777Flowers only uses the finest flowers from the country of Equidor.  These flowers have proven to be the best Roses out of any country.  They usually have bigger heads and last longer than any other of the roses we have received.  Naturally this is our experience and based upon our experience we choose to give the customers the best quality roses available today.